[so-lu-tion | \ sə-ˈlü-shən] / noun

An action or process of overcoming a barrier to online success.

We all Face Barriers to Progress.  Designing or updating your website can be a challenging process. I help you overcome the four common problems that impede your progress.

“Where Do I Start?”

Website Inertia can keep your project stuck in a rut. I work with you to create an Internet Marketing Plan that provides a clear path forward and gets your project into motion.

“What do I say?”

Defining your Marketing Message and Creating Content can be daunting. I can help you clarify and explain your unique qualities to your customers so they are guided towards taking action.

“What do I use?”

There are a vast array of Online Platforms and Services to choose from for your online marketing. What platform is best? What about hosting? Should I use Email Marketing and / or Google Ads? I can guide your through the technical complexities so you can focus on your business.

“What will it cost?”

Deciding how much to budget for Internet Marketing can be elusive. A website is a marketing investment and a cost of doing business.  I offer affordable site designs and services that are in step with the growth stage of your business.

What now?


Peter Church

Peter is a certified Internet Marketing Consultant committed to your success in the online world.  He’s launched 100+ websites since managing his first web project in 1998.  Established in the city of Halifax, Peter has lived and worked in such diverse locales as London, Brussels, Los Angeles, Manila and Rio de Janeiro.

Through Newgate Web Design, Peter crafts responsive websites designed to convert visitors into delighted customers.